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Supply Chain Woes Drive Record Prices

Sharply Rising Auction Values Pushed By Steep Inventory Declines 


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  • Used car prices have risen dramatically because of a shortage of available new cars and a general increase in car demand. Prices are expected to stabilize by mid-2022 but the computer chip shortage will still play a role in the prices normalizing.
  • The declining inventory levels seen throughout September continued unabated in major equipment categories during October, and a new Sandhills Global Market Report indicates used equipment values are responding with steep value increases as supply diminishes throughout 2022.

Supply Chain Forces Buyers to Secondary Sources

General Merchandise Prices Skyrocket!

Educational assets are in high demand. 

Let’s get some extra returns on that surplus: 

Old PCs, laptops, obsolete telecom equipment, grounds machinery, garage, maintenance  

and other surplus stuff.


Prices for new items are skyrocketing 

due to inflation and supply chain disruptions. 

Buyers are turning to auctions. 

Perfect time to go to the warehouse and start taking pictures!ma

Price Differentials by Buyer Location

Why should I sell my surplus with Auctions International? offers increased exposure for your surplus vehicles, equipment and school assets. The sales revenue of our online auctions in 2020 was over $50 million. The simple fact is that we advertise your auctions to 80,000 active buyers in the northeast, great lakes, and upper-midwest. Our headquarters are situated at the nexus of the second busiest international trade corridor (900,000 truck crossings in 2019). Toronto is a  crossing city on the St. Lawrence Seaway, with global maritime access to the both the Midwest and Atlantic trade routes. The Port of Montreal is the shortest trade route to Europe. This accessibility makes Auctions International the perfect choice to facilitate the export of vehicles, equipment, and other assets sold to overseas buyers.

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