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 Cities, Sell your autos, trucks and equipment right now to make HUGE PROFITS from supply chain interruptions – auction prices just keep going up.


Used car prices continue to spurt higher amid strong demand and tight inventory. While a manufacturing slowdown has improved slightly, there won’t be a return to normal anytime soon for buyers of autos, light trucks and vans.

Educational Assets

Computers, servers and IT equipment are hot commodities right now. Bidders are always looking to buy power tools,  garage items, buildings+ grounds equipment and many other assets.

Tools & Machinery

Items in Extra High Demand: Welding machines, diagnostic machines, compressors, air tools, hoists, lifts, tire changers, floor jacks, extra components, metals, cables, racks, and everything garage related

Want to get a Seller account? Call 800-536-1401 and dial ext. 401 to reach Craig Robbins, national account sales.

Awarded Contract # PCA 3-221-19